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We have been in business since 1982. We pride ourselves on our customer satisfaction. We specialize in produce packaging, imported T-shirt bags, mesh onion bags, wooden bushel baskets, produce bags, apple bags, food bags, and retail shopping bags at wholesale prices. We are a one stop shop for retail stores, produce markets, farm stands & growers. New deli, foodservice and take-out items being added. We can also custom print on almost any bag for retail shops and small businesses.

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Latest Products

25 lbs. Carrot vented bag

Sales price: $129.95

Wild Blue Yonder Printed Tissue Paper 20x30

Wild Blue Yonder printed tissue paper 20x30
Sales price: $45.95

Collection Wild Blue Yonder Recycled Shoppers

Wild Blue Yonder recycled paper shoppers gift bags
Sales price: $49.95

Silvery Chic Printed Tissue Paper 20x30

Silvery Chic printed tissue paper 20x30
Sales price: $45.95

Collection Silvery Chic Recycled Shoppers

silvery chic recycled paper shoppers gift bags
Sales price: $49.95

Free Spirit Printed Tissue Paper 20x30

Free Spirit printed tissue paper 20x30
Sales price: $45.95

Top ten Products

T-shirt Bag - Large Bottom Custom Printed

Sales price: $1.48

1 Quart Pulp Berry Tray

Sales price: $35.95

1/6 T-shirt bag Printed Thank You - 18 microns

1/6 T-Shirt Bag 18 microns printed Thank You
Sales price: $15.75

Woven Leno Bag 18x32 50 lb

Sales price: $124.95


Sales price: $189.00

Vexar Produce bag with header 20" long

Sales price: $89.95
Sales price without tax: $89.95
Discount: $-10.00

Vexar Bag 12x15 No Header

Sales price: $64.95

Woven Leno bag 10 x 19 (200 count)

Sales price: $54.00

Woven Mesh Corn Bag 24x36

Sales price: $165.00

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